MEAI Story

The association Movement for European Action and Initiative was created in 2012 with the purpose of encouraging personal development of young people and children of Romania by promoting European values.

At the basis of all projects carried out by our organisation stands the active involvement of young people in creating a society they wish to live in and the conditions for an optimum development of young people and children. We considered that the best way to accomplish this goal would be through education. Children that benefit from a higher level of education are those that eventually will create a better future for their families, community and country.

For us, education takes different forms and with time we tried to adapt several techniques of education, information and self-awareness to better address the beneficiaries of our projects. We worked with various formulas and programmes. Often we got carried away by our passion and chose to get involved in projects that best caught our attention. These experiences have helped us mature and thought us how to take action efficiently in order to reach our goals.

Mission and objectives