Mission and objectives


By harmoniously developing an European way of thinking ,by creating the context in which the European principles and values can thrive, by promoting an active participation to economic and cultural integration of Romania in Europe.

The activity of MEAI follows five main strategic directions:

educatie educatie


We set as a goal for ourselves to explore, support, develop the educational system through researched and alternative projects and by creating a context in which professors, children and parents will have the possibility to interact.

cultura cultura


We want to stimulate the creativity of young artists, to raise awareness of the cultural and artistic products and services and to promote our culture and national heritage among youngsters. We are convinced that the active participation of youngsters and children in cultural activities contribute to the development of artistic taste and to the increase of interest in culture.

civic civic

Active participation

We want to help young people to develop their civic abilities. Our projects aim to strengthen the European identity by promoting our common values. We believe that a strong democracy can be achieved only by developing a participative culture and by public participation in decision-making.

mediu mediu

The protection of the environment

We are promoting a responsible attitude towards the environment by creating and implementing programs that bring real benefits to the nature that surrounds us. Protecting our environment means above all reducing/eliminating the causes that lead to pollution, depletion of resources and the destruction of ecosystems.

social social


We promote equal chances and we want to contribute to the well-being of children and teenagers from vulnerable groups and we try to give a chance to those that have a difficult background.

MEAI StoryHonorific president