Architecture GPMH

Arhitectura GPMH
  • Peasent civilisation does not aknoledge the fight for self improvement. It is instead a fine and calm expression of joy of living. The more we distance ourselves from the traditional man, the more the risk of imposture is higher

    Horia Bernea

The project Traditional Architecture in the Plateau Mehedinti Geoparc aims to research, promote and protect the villages from the Mehedinti County. Traditional architecture as a way of expressing the lifestyle and the cultural traditions/customs of the area was the starting point in this project.

Founded 10 years ago, the Plateau Mehedinti Geopark is a unique natural environment with a very generous topography, flora and fauna. Unfortunately, like in many other rural areas, villages from the Mehedinti Plateau have numerous problems: the diminution of revenues than came from agriculture, rural flight, loss of traditions.

Between July and September 2014, MEAI designed the first project in this area: a case study in the villages of Balta, Isverna and Ponoarele. By presenting the most valuable patrimonial sites, by a critical approach of the architectural landscape and by promoting an integrated development strategy, the project contributes to the preservation of a specific regional identity.

The web site created as part of the project,, aims the study and the understanding the architectural objectives from these areas of research.

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