2% to MAIE

In order to redirect 2% of your income tax towards MEAI you need to fill in a declaration/form in 2 copies, according to your source of income:

- if your income comes from salary: fill in the from 230 (points A and B). Download the declaration here

- if your income comes from other sources (...): fill in the form 2000 (point III). Download the form here


Name: Asociația Mișcarea pentru Acțiune și Inițiativă Europeană
CIF: 30221461
IBAN: RO98BPOS74708789033RON02 (BancPost, agenția Splai)

You can also obtain the forms 200 and 230 from the Financial Administration. The forms must be posted/mailed or give it to the Financial administration from your municipality before the 24th of May of the current year.

Thank you for your support!

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